How I Cope with the Hate

A part of ‘The Baby Project’ alternate universe, originally posted on Twitter.

Pas gue buat kontrak itu, sebenernya gue nggak expect apa-apa. I didn’t expect him to be easy to deal with dan gue juga nggak expect gue bakal tahan ngehadepin dia. So, when he said that the person who broke the contract first will have to treat the other to a buffet, gue udah prepare diri gue untuk kehilangan uang yang worth almost half my allowance a month itu.

I couldn’t really say anything nice about him except for the fact that he’s professional and maybe smart. Not smarter than me, or maybe as smart as me. I don’t know.

Udah hampir seminggu sejak kita tanda tangan kontrak itu, and it almost time for another worksheet to be filled. Selama seminggu ke belakang, walaupun pembagian kerja antara gue sama dia udah lebih equal, gue sama dia nggak pernah bener-bener interact atau ngobrol yang terlalu lama selain untuk oper bayinya. Maybe that’s also the reason why we’re able to go without tearing each other’s head off this week.

Kita setuju untuk selalu ngerjain worksheet bareng to avoid any miscommunication like before, biar in case kalau misalnya kita dipanggil Sir Deva lagi, jawaban kita ada di halaman yang sama. However, I’m starting to think it’s probably not the best idea. Me, and Julio, in the same place, working on an assignment together? Probably wouldn’t be a nice sight to look at.

Tapi, at the same time, my grade is on the line, and I can’t risk it. Not when I want to go to New York for uni. No, scratch that. I have to. So, maybe, with that in mind, I will hold on just for a little bit. Just until this project ends.

And this is how I cope with the hate.





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